Tonie - Monty & Co

Monty & Co are a blended family of puppets that live together in a house attached to their shop. One big happy family, they spend their days repairing, reinventing and up-cycling everything from broken clocks to musical instruments with sometimes surprising results! Aimed at preschoolers, Monty & Co is a CBeebies musical mini-comedy drama, packed with fun, joy and silliness your little ones will love. List of titles Monty Theme Song, Introduction from Monty, The Monster, The Monster Game, Princess Lulu, Princess Lulu Game, Monty the Detective, Monty the Detective Game, Charlie Is Shy, Charlie Is Shy Game, Treasure Hunt, Treasure Hunt Game, Monty and the Music & Monty and the Music Game. Approx 60 minutes Toniebox is required for use. Wi-Fi connection required for initial setup. Age 3 years +


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