BubaBloon Circles Purple Balloon Cover Toy for Kids

Bursting with colour, our bespoke signature fabric encapsulates a balloon, making play safe and fun. Lightweight and durable, safer for indoor or outdoor play. BubaBloon is a soft 100% Poplin Cotton balloon cover for any standard balloon - making it safer for kids and even more fun. No scary pops or small pieces to choke on, parents and kids love BubaBloon. Improves motor activity skill development in kids of all ages. Packs to pocket size so you can always have BubaBloon with you as an emergency toy. The BubaBloon Balloon Cover comes with 3 x high quality biodegradable latex balloons. Suitable for children with latex contact allergies. Washable and reusable. The BubaBloon cover is approx 250mm diameter when inflated. Age


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