EUGY Moose

We love our Eugy Moose here in The Toy Shop.

Did you know how big a moose is? You won't be able to miss it - they are ginormous! Their antlers spread 1.8m wide (6 ft) and you'll probably notice the bell (flat of skin) beneath their throat too. They're often seen on land but have a hidden talent - they're skilled swimmers and can dive 5m (16 ft) underwater!

Our Moose is an eco-friendly champion, crafted from sustainable materials to help protect our planet. You can feel good knowing that this cute creature is doing its part to keep the environment clean while bringing creativity into your life!

Build your own collection of Eugy toy figures! Easy to put together using the included safe, non-toxic glue Made from environmentally-friendly, biodegradable card and printed with natural eco-friendly ink.


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