EUGY Puffin

Sometimes referred to the ‘sea parrot’ the puffin is instantly recognisable from its brightly coloured parrot-like bill. Spending winter at sea, every year thousands of puffins return to the UK to nest in their little hobbit-like burrows in the ground. Puffins are loyal to one another, each year mating with the same bird and producing one chick. This one chick, known as a puffling, keeps its parents busy though fishing to keep it well-fed and satisfied. Their favourite meal is sand eel which they catch by diving and swimming using their wings.

Our puffin is also an eco-friendly champion, crafted from sustainable materials to help protect our planet. You can feel good knowing that this cute puffin is doing its part to keep the environment clean while bringing creativity into your life! 

Easy to put together using the included safe, non-toxic glue, in numerical sequence. Assembly takes only 10-20 minutes and the figures are remarkably sturdy!

Age 6 years +


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