Finding Treasure Island

by Robin Scott-Elliot

When Robert Louis Stevenson sketches a map for his stepson Sam while on holiday in Braemar in 1881, it sets them off on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Highlands, 1881

“You’ve sketched a map.”
“It’s our island—no one else but us, boys only. An adventure for us.”
It was more than a sketch. It was detailed. The island had a point at its top and then widened before an inlet cut deep into the land. On its southern end the coast was shaped like an ‘r’, forming a bay in which another, smaller island was drawn…

While Stevenson is inspired to write his first great story, Treasure Island, that holiday, Sam has a treasure hunt of his own to pursue, guided through the hidden forests and dangerous glens of the Cairngorms by the mystical Jen Hawkins.

The missing memoir of Sam Osbourne, which reveals his part in the birth of the greatest adventure story written, still loved 150 years later, Finding Treasure Island is a life-changing story and adventure in pursuit of buried treasure and more.

8 - 14 years
194 pages


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