Kids Helmet

Protecting your loved ones is the first step in allowing your child to take the parks, gardens and pavements by storm.

So BOLDCUBE have spent a lot of time perfecting the design of these helmets, to ensure they're both safe when scooting, biking or skateboarding - and something your little one will want to be seen wearing!

Built using impact-resistant and shock-absorbent materials for the outer shell with cleverly-placed EPS foam padding for added comfort.

Designed with 11 cooling air vents and breathable foam to help kids keep cool, these helmets also have an adjustable chin strap and sizing-dial to provide a firm but comfortable fit and years of use.

Tech Specs
Helmet Size SMALL suits Rider Age 4-8 Years
Size Small: 49 - 54cm
Weight: 350g
Outer Material : ABS Hard Shell
Inner Material : EPS Foam


Tax included