Lego Duplo Brick Box

This fun-filled developmental toy is packed with bricks and pieces that encourage toddlers to explore hands-on creativity and imaginative play.

Familiar objects stimulate young minds and colourful shapes invite free-building fun, making this LEGO ® DUPLO ® starter set the perfect way to inspire any young builder.  

Inside the sturdy storage box, you'll find a car with moving wheels, a roof, window, flowers, bread, DUPLO people figures, 1,2,3 numbered bricksinches¦ along with an assortment of original bricks in a rainbow of inviting colours. As parents share the joy of combining the bricks and pieces into endless imaginative play possibilities, they experience first-hand their little builder's precious developmental milestones.

Great gifts for preschoolers and an excellent educational toy for toddlers,  DUPLO playsets put open-ended play and self-expression into the hands of budding builders.

The colourful, easy-to-hold pieces excite toddlers' imaginations and are safe, clean and easy to take wherever you go.


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