Lottie - Loyal Companion

A Boy doll inspired by Hayden, a space-mad 8-year old! Loyal Companion is a fabulous boy doll playset inspired by a little boy with a passion for all things space-related, who just happens to be autistic. Representation of diversity in the toy-box matters. Studies show that after playing with kids' toys - like the doll inspired by Hayden - children are more open to forming friendships with peers with disability and difference. What's in the box? Super cute boy doll white boy doll with brown hair and green eyes Wearing doll clothes: T-shirt with competition-winner's design, jeans, blue sneakers. Doll accessories included in playset: Toy dog, Cookie, with bandana and lead, astronaut-in-training jumpsuit, Headphones to reduce potentially distracting sounds, Sunglasses to reduce visual sensory overload, Communication cards. The Story So Far! "Cookie is my companion dog and my very best friend. I take her everywhere with me. I'm happiest when places are quiet so I always bring my headphones to keep out any loud noise. This cool t-shirt is my favourite colour blue, and it has the names of three of my heroes with autism written on it. My friends can name lots more! We all agree on one thing - that Cookie is the best dog ever! She always makes me feel better if I'm having a difficult day. We have so much fun together." Age 3 years +


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