Lottie - Queen of the Castle

Lottie Doll Queen Dress Up Outfit. Play dress up with Lottie as she creates her very own world of pretend play.

Based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl (as opposed to an adult), Lottie Dolls are an age-relatable doll that reflect the world kids live in.

Includes magnificent detailed gown to play pretend, sparkly top and pink tutu, A beautiful silver crown, easy to make your own at home! See what you can find to play dress up along with Lottie! Packable, Portable and Ready to Gift!

Presented in beautifully designed, brightly coloured boxes (complete with handle for easy transport) Lottie Dolls need no wrapping and have award winning attention to detail. Perfect for little hands that love imaginative play, empowering kids to live in the present and be who they want to be right now.

Age 3 years +


Tax included