Lottie - Spring Celebration Ballet

Award-winning Lottie Doll!

This is a super-cute ballet doll that any little one with an interest in ballet is sure to love. Her adorable ballet outfit - including a layered tutu, sequinned leotard and pretty ballet shoes - is perfect for performances.

"Lottie loves to dance and is really excited to be performing in the Spring Celebration Ballet at The Old Theatre. Lottie works hard to prepare and practises for hours on end to perfect her dance steps, including pirouettes and arabesques. Will the performance be a success? Will Lottie remember all her dance steps?"

What's in the box? Super cute ballet doll white doll with brown hair and brown eyes, sequin leotard, 3-layer tutu, ballet tights, ballet shoes, Doll accessories included in playset: - Rose-trimmed drawstring bag.

Loved by and suitable for kids of all ages from 3 years +

Small and cute, just 7.5inches (18cm), Lottie Dolls make perfectly-portable childhood companions.

Age 3 years +


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