Lottie - Wildlife Photographer Mia

Lottie Mia Doll is dressed in a red jacket, t-shirt with ladybird, denim-blue hat and bag, jeans, red spotty wellies and comes with a camera and the Edition 2 of Branksea School News and wears a cochlear implant.  

"From birds and butterflies to all kinds of creepy-crawlies, I'm just mad about wildlife. Everywhere I go, I carry my camera with me. Because who knows when - or where - a brilliant photo opportunity will pop up? A beautiful photo can tell its own story. I hope that my pictures will inspire other children to love wildlife as much as I do and to take good care of this wonderful planet of ours!"

Lottie dolls are ball-jointed with bendable knees which makes them super fun and easy to pose for imaginative play  

- Premium saran nylon hair, soft to touch and reduced tangle.  

- Phthalate-free vinyl plastic, super soft feel.  

- Removable doll shoes, able to stand on her own two feet.  

- Dark brown eyes and wavy doll hair

- Loved and suitable for all ages over 3 years  

- 7.5/18cm, perfectly portable childhood companion

- Age 3 years +


Tax included