Lottie - Young Inventor

Inspire your child to be part of The STEM Maker Movement. Learn By Doing Through Imaginative Play!  

Young Inventor Lottie loves to build, create, make and invent - she isn't going to wait until she's grown up to change the world!

Based on the average proportions of a 9 year old girl (as opposed to an adult), Lottie Dolls are an age-relatable doll that reflect the world kids live in.  

Lottie Inventor Doll includes lots of tools to inspire tomorrow's engineers - hammer, screwdriver, wrench, scissors, torch, tool belt and hard hat for even the most serious of SCIENCE and NATURE experiments.

Lottie stands on her own two feet and is the perfect size for little hands that love imaginative play.

Lottie Dolls were created to help empower kids to live in the present and be who they want to be right now.  

Age 3 years +

Doll height: 18 cm


Tax included