NeeDoh Chicka DeeDoos

A perfect Easter sensory squish for your little chicks! Kids will ‘crack up’ when playing with these ‘egg-straordinary’ NeeDoh Chicka DeeDoos, featuring a squeezable chick inside a spotty, stripey or zigzag eggshell. The eggshells are removable for added play value.

Beyond the fun factor, Nee Doh can improve children’s focus and concentration, and bring them into the present moment. They’re also a helpful stress reliever and self-regulatory toy to calm feelings of anxiety. NeeDoh Chicka DeeDoos are filled with a stretchy dough-like material that is non-toxic and safe for kids to squish.

Available in 3 assorted colours and styles (1 chosen at random  but message us if you would like a particular colour).

5.97cm x 8.26cm x 5.97cm Weight: 0.09 kg
Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material.
Suitable for 3+ years


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