No Matter What

A warm, reassuring picture book about unconditional love and setting big worries to rest, beautifully written and illustrated by Debbie Gliori.

'I'll always love you no matter what...'
'No matter what?' Small asks. But what if he turns into a bug, or a crocodile, or even a grizzly bear?

Small has all sorts of questions about love, and his mummy must reassure him that her love will never, ever run out - no matter what.

A heartfelt story about the unconditional love each parent feels for their child, beautifully told and exquisitely illustrated by Kate Greenaway-nominated Debi Gliori and repackaged for a new generation to enjoy.

Paper back. 24cm x 30cm
by Debi Gliori (Author, Illustrator)
Suitable for Ages 1-5 years


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