Plasticine Christmas Advent Calendar

Make a Festive model every day!

A fun and unique interactive Advent Calendar, ideal for adults and children to have fun as they countdown to Christmas. Hidden behind each little window of this advent calendar is a set of easy-to-follow instructions to create a whole host of festive figures, including Santa, a snowman, holly and loads more!

A perfect festive gift, the Calendar includes 450g Plasticine in various colours, sculpting tool and daily instructions behind each day's window, the countdown to Christmas will never be the same again.

The Advent Calendar contains real Plasticine which never dries out, a childhood favourite with great nostalgic appeal for both children and adults.  

Contents 450g of Plasticine in a variety of colours, Sculpting Tool, Instructions behind each window.

Dimensions: 35cm x 25cm x 4cm

Age 5+ years.


Tax included