Talent Show Eco-Friendly Character Set - Play Press

Talent Show Time!

The stage is ready and the audience awaits for performances and shows as wide-ranging as your child's imagination. Creative, imaginative and interactive.  

Includes 2 performers, 2 artists, easels, microphones, stands, guitars and brushes, play with them together and interchange the pieces to make new characters. All our durable Play Press pieces can connect to one another, so imagination has no limits!  

Great as presents or for party bags, its small size makes it easy to transport and its packaging turns into a box, so there's no waste.

Helps to develops kids' creativity, construction, problem solving and motor skills. Ages 4-10 Eco Conscious: We manufacture in the UK from our own designed Playboard made from wood from sustainable forests. Plastic-free, we are not harmful to the environment or oceans. Pack size - 11cm x 11cm x 1.2cm - packaging turns into a box to keep the pieces safe


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